Vintage boho bohemian home decor style featuring sheepskins, vintage suitcase, cane basket and tassle throw

What's your boho style?

by jacki tucker

We love a space where rules are broken and creativity has no limits, creating a feel-good space that we can call HOME. 
Celebrating with family, getting cosy on the couch with ya bestie and your favourite tipple or curling up in your comfy chair with a cuppa and a quiet read.

 While boho decor does have some common themes depending on which direction you take - every Bohemian sanctuary is different.  It’s not just about Macrame and brightly patterned cushions.  Bohemian style is about expressing YOU – so have fun! 

Earthy Bohemian

You love the vibrance of autumn and the feel of a forest floor beneath your feet. Your appreciation for Mother Nature’s gift is always obvious in your home.  Your home most likely contains ‘found’ objects – collected seashells and dried twigs (you never leave the beach without coming home with treasures!)  And will always celebrate hand-made.  Your vibe is as much about how things feel, rather than how they look.

Earthy bohemian home decor and furniture

Warm comforting earth tones - burnt orange, toasted browns and soft greens feature often.  You love to pair weathered furniture with art & decor that brings the outdoors in. You embrace vintage decor for its worn-in patina. 

Rattan furniture, rustic wood and terracotta pots pair beautifully with greenery, as many earthy bohemians love to fill their homes with leafy houseplants.  Natural materials like leather, wood and wool provide the perfect sense of being grounded. 

earthy bohemian home style featuring vintage furniture and rustic home decor

Scandi Bohemian

Scandi bohemian is all about clean lines and minimalism.  While other bohemian styles go hand-in-hand with a more detailed aesthetic—Scandi bohemian is a beautiful example of less is more.

As a Scandi bohemian, you love a clean, calm space. You never want to feel overwhelmed in your sanctuary, focusing on relaxing neutral tones and the occasional pop of colour. Your home will feel harmonious and peaceful.  You believe in function over fashion, making every object in the home feel as if it is placed there with a purpose. 

scandi bohemian home style featuring vintage furniture, shaggy sheepskins and mid century furniture

Your furniture leans towards Mid Century Modern, particularly lighter-toned woods paired with shaggy natural sheepskins.  You favour Hygge (Danish word – way of life spreading cosiness and warmth / free of clutter) and your favourite way to spend time with friends will always feature comfy chairs around the fireplace, candles, layers of soft wool blankets and cosy cushions.

scandi bohemian home style featuring vintage furniture, NZ sheepskins and mid century furniture            


Maximalist Bohemian

As a Maximalist lover, your sanctuary is a Scandi bohemian's worst nightmare! (kidding, of course, but your styles could not be more different.) You don’t believe in “too much of a good thing” and instead fill your home with anything and everything that brings you joy.

 Your decor has vibrant colours, mix-and-match patterns, unique statement pieces, surprising texture combos, and trinkets as far as the eye can see. You’re a lover of textiles.  Velvet, bright kilims and crochet blankets always feature. 

Maximalist bohemian home style featuring turkish kilim pillow home decor

If you’re a Maximalist, you know frequent dusting is a labour of love. Still, you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Global Bohemian

You love the world and the people in it.  You're always learning about cultures different from your own. You dream about travelling the world—for you, “wanderlust” is a constant state of mind.

Aside from stuffing your suitcase full of treasures from your adventure, you’ll be found at local flea markets hunting down exotic brass vases and vintage tribal art.


The Global Bohemian brings the world into their home, celebrating pieces from across the globe. Whether it’s a Moroccan rug, a hand-beaten copper vase, intricately carved Indian furniture, or a worn-in travel trunk, every item has a story and you love telling it in your home.