Created out of an obsession with dreamy textures and all things vintage

  • One-off vintage and boho homewares

    Uncovering one-off wonders hidden in the depths of quaint junk-stores and op-shops (so you don't have to), we've carefully handpicked enchanting bohemian treasures.

  • Carefully matched with contemporary new pieces

    Each item holds a story, waiting to unleash its magic and transport you to a realm of bohemian bliss.

  • Clock-free shopping

    Shop at your own pace. Think peaceful and uncrowded. Sit back, relax and shop to your hearts content - we're based in Nelson & ship daily.


"There's an undeniable charm in unearthing a forgotten treasure and allowing it's story to be told once more"

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the eccentricity and quirkiness of curiosities from the past.  It was this love for vintage treasures & interiors and a deep yearning for a bohemian online store in NZ that motivated me to start Bohemian Soul.   

I had a magical childhood.  My Dad and I would embark on adventures to the dump, rescuing an array of amazing trinkets that made Mum’s eyes roll as we walked in the door.  Alongside my Mum’s clever sewing talent, and her unwavering passion to teach me to sew, a profound love for textiles was kindled within me.  We’d lose ourselves for hours in material shops, in search of the perfect fabric and spend countless more hours creating beautiful clothing that felt like pieces of art.

My desire is you for you to experience the beauty of a unique and eclectic home with our carefully selected bohemian decor.  Every piece is chosen by heart to add character and warmth to your living space, creating an atmosphere that’s effortlessly cool and unmistakably original.

Your home should tell your personal story

Your home is a reflection of you, your dreams, your desires.  It's where you wake up and feel the sun on your face, it's long lingering nights around the fire with your favourite people, or curling up in a cosy chair at the end of the day.

You're unique.  And we want to be a part of celebrating that with you.  Our hope is that you discover some one-of-a-kind magic here at Bohemian Soul that inspires you to forget the hum-drum of the outside world and get all boho.  In your way.

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