Let's define vintage

Like it was meant to be...

Discovering the right vintage piece can sometimes feel like the universe itself conspired to bring it to you.

But vintage isn't perfect ...

We recognise that the unique character of vintage items lies in their imperfections, the marks of time and use that tell a story. To ensure that you find the piece that speaks to your soul, we have created a vintage rating system that reflects the wear and tear of each item in our collection.

Our Vintage Rating System

Ensure You Find 'The One' with Our Vintage Experience. If a product description has the wording “vintage”, this means it's either, or all of the following: used, aged, faded, discoloured or even repaired. Some are sold just as they are found, others are nurtured back to life. BUT don't worry - we'll always let you know if the imperfectness affects the integrity at all. We rate our vintage condition either:


This vintage is in its original state. It has no defects and no restorations.

Very Good

This vintage has no defects but may show slight traces of use. 


This vintage item is fully functional but shows signs of age through scuffs, dings faded finishes, minimal upholstery defects or visible repairs.  

Not sure?

So you don't experience any disappointment or the unexpected, we recommend getting in touch with us for more info and further pics so we can make your purchase worry free.

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