vintage moroccan wool boujaad rug in yellow and peach tones with diamond pattern
vintage moroccan wool boujaad rug in yellow and peach tones with diamond pattern
vintage moroccan wool boujaad rug in yellow and peach tones with diamond pattern
vintage moroccan wool boujaad rug in yellow and peach tones with diamond pattern
vintage moroccan wool boujaad rug in yellow and peach tones with diamond pattern

Vintage Moroccan Boujaad Rug 125x240

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Product description

This enticing wool beauty is casual and fun and perfect for the earthy bohemian who also loves a pop of colour.  A great size in your bedroom for cosy mornings and toasty toes.  We reckon it would also look amazing as a wall hanging.  FREE SHIPPING

Size  125x240cm

Colours  Dusky coral and buttercup yellow, hints of grey, cream and pink, with brighter patches of red and blue.

Pile  Medium wool pile with long tassles one end

PLEASE NOTE: All our Moroccan rugs are handmade, which means there may be imperfections in weaving, pattern, or shape.  These are vintage items and therefore may have slight wear and repairs or fading.  They are lovingly cleaned and repaired using traditional methods before arriving.

We do everything we can to accurately describe and show the condition, colours and texture of our rugs in our photography - including shooting in natural light and from different angles to give you as close to in-real-life representation as possible.


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Rug Care Guide

Moroccan wool rugs are durable and can stick around for a lifetime if treated with a little bit of love and care.

All of our rugs have been cleaned in Morocco prior to shipping to us. As these are vintage rugs, your rug may still have a slight smell (like an old rug) when you receive it. This is totally normal and should go away within a few days as the rug has time to air out and adapt to its new surroundings.

How do I clean and maintain my rug?

Shake it baby!  Get some help and shake your rug outside to loosen dirt and dust without vacuuming.  Over vacuuming isn’t good for your rug, so be sure to use this method as well.  If you want to go the extra mile – hang your rug over the clothesline and give it a good beating with a broom or a long pole.  Be prepared for a workout!  

Hand vacuuming can be done from time to time to keep the rug clean and free of debris.  Turn your rug over and on a low setting, vacuum the underneath, then the topside (across the width not lengthways).  Avoid using the beater bar of your vacuum cleaner as this can damage the fibres.  

Hanging it in the wind & sun for couple of hours will also help kill any bacteria trapped in the rug.  While wool loves sunlight, make sure it’s not in the sunlight for more than a few hours to prevent any fading.

Oops! I've spilled something on the rug. What do I do?

Immediately try to blot and remove as much as the stain as possible using a plain coloured towel. Then use a little water and blot to try to remove more. Still visible? Use water and a little white vinegar. If this does not work you can try water and a mild detergent like hand soap, but test on a small area first. If you are not having success, consult a professional rug cleaner. 

How do I freshen up my rug?

If your rug looks clean but needs a quick refresh, sprinkle baking soda to absorb any bad odours or dust. Let it sit for four hours then hang your rug on the clothesline and beat the powder from the rug. 

If your pets like to sleep on your rug, shake a little baking soda on some of the well-used spots to keep them from smelling. Use a brush to work the powder into the pile, then vacuum gently.

Cleaning with water

We recommend doing this once or twice a year to deep clean your rug.  Sunny & windy days are the best. 

All you need is cool water, a gentle wool detergent (Martha Gardener Lavender woolwash is our fav) and a plastic brush.  Soak your rug in water (the bath works well) pour in detergent and start washing gently.  This can also be done on a tarpaulin on an outside flat surface.  Don’t use too much pressure or you may damage the fibres.  Rinse it thoroughly with water and hang outside until it’s completely dry.  Golden rule – wool hates humidity so make sure your rug is completely dry before putting it back on the floor.

Happy cleaning!  If you need extra help – please get in touch.

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